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Our Services

We provide a number of Digital Health services ranging from research to implementation. Our services drive the digital transformation of healthcare organisations by installing a digital mindset and putting the patient in the center of this mindset.

Each of our services can be provided separately or as a combined iterative advice and action chain to optimize the results.

Research & Educate

We provide insights in the latest Digital Health Technologies through our workshops and tailor-made research.

Observe & Design

We use Design Thinking and System Thinking to come up with solutions for your healthcare challenges.

Prototype & Build

We build solutions through our agile development process from rapid prototyping to production and deployment.

The true value of Digital Health technology is to improve health and free up time for more personal and humane care.
Stijn Coolbrandt, Health Endeavour

Research & Educate

Technology is evolving exponentially with new Digital Health technologies being introduced on a daily basis. To enable true innovation and optimize your healthcare organisation one must have a broad view and understanding of the already existing technologies. At Health Endeavour, we closely follow over 800 Digital Health companies (both startups and incumbents) to ensure the wheel isn’t reinvented. This allows us to give you a clear and comprehensive overview and update on the state of Digital Health.

We provide three different ways to help and inform your organisation through our research and education:

Digital Health Landscape Workshop

A 2 hour session on the digital landscape introducing you to the latest Digital Health technologies, its challenges and examples of how it can improve healthcare. This session also demystifies whether certain technology hypes are worthwhile looking into. Expect to be inspired and ready to embrace Digital Health technologies in your organisation!

Digital Health Focus Workshop

An in depth workshop on a specific Digital Health topic. Think of topics like Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain for Healthcare, Interoperability, Wearables, …

Tailor-made Research and Report Workshop

A session tailor-made to answer specific questions on Digital Health based on prior in depth research done by Health Endeavour. This session can be an entry point to solve specific problems in a healthcare organisation and a first step in the chain towards a solution and hence removal of inefficiencies in your organisation.

Observe & Design

Before introducing any new Digital Health technologies it’s key to observe the current state of digital technologies in a healthcare organisation. We help by performing this analysis and identifying the low hanging (and less low hanging) fruit to improve healthcare processes and thereby deliver a digital transformation.

Based on our assessment we analyze whether any existing Digital Health technologies can improve the existing processes or whether building custom-fit solutions bring most value to your organisation.

We design solutions for the challenges that our clients face through Co-Creation and Design Thinking. Our design process is highly dependent on the insights obtained through research and human-centered observations.

We aim at designing creative solutions that challenge the delivery of care, the interactions of providers and patients, and the ways healthcare organizations understand the communities they serve.

Prototype & Build

Rapid and iterative prototyping of a solution is essential in order to get fast feedback from all healthcare actors involved. We help our clients by creating prototypes allowing to test the validity of the solution and optimize it. We believe a prototype is only meant to test assumptions and use the Lean Startup mindset to minimize the effort and time needed to create a prototype while maximizing its usefulness. The prototyping results in a Minimum Awesome Product as a foundation for building the actual product.

Whereas many innovation service providers only offer ideation up to design services we can help you with the actual implementation of a solution as well. With having our roots in Agile Software Development we can build the technology with both in-house as external expertise. We rely on our network of expert partners to compose the matching development team providing you with the right solution. Whether you need a mobile wearable platform, a backend EHR integration platform or an AI-driven Clinical Decision Support Engine we can help you create your healthcare solution.

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About Us

Stijn Coolbrandt, Founder

Health Endeavour is a Belgium-based company founded by Stijn Coolbrandt in 2017.  After more than 10 years of experience in Digital Health, both in corporate and startup environment, it was clear that healthcare organisations still struggle to use digital technologies to improve their care processes. While almost everyone believes in the promise of Digital Health, how to fulfill this promise still leaves many healthcare organisations puzzled.

Which problems really need a digital solution? How can we actually save time and avoid digital overhead? Should we make or buy solutions and how can we avoid to reinvent the wheel? How can we use technology to drive value-based care?

Questions we can help you with at Health Endeavour in order to improve your digital health strategy, by helping you with hands-on support ranging from research to implementation.

We are a Virtual Agency which means that we use the power of a strong network to provide you with the right skills for the challenge at hand.

Are you active in Digital Health and do you want be part of our network?

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