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We help healthcare organisations navigate through their Digital Health journey
Building Digital Health Solutions

Building Digital Health Solutions

We build Digital Health solutions and help from ideation to the deployment of the solution. We work together with other experts in the field in order to get a high quality solution meeting the needs of our customers.

Engineering online health communities

Engineering Online Health Communities

We believe the right online communication and information channels can strengthen healthcare communities. This is why we build tailored online community platforms such as HealthBuzz to nurture online knowledge exchange.

Improving digital health literacy

Improving Digital Health Literacy

In order to help healthcare professionals discover the world existing Digital Health solutions we help spreading the word through keynotes and #BeHealth, a community platform which puts the spotlight on Belgian Digital Health.

Interested in building better Healthcare Experiences

On top of the latest technologies: mHealth, Analytics, Security, Interoperability, AR/VR, Wearables, EHR’s, Gamification, Artificial Intelligence, Social Media, Telehealth, IoT

Health Technology Co-Discovery


The human species has since long been pushing its own boundaries through the creation of new technologies. Many renowned futurists expect that this will happen at an exponential pace from now on, thanks to digitalization.

Digital Transformation is probably the most cited term in business nowadays, frequently used hand in hand with that other trendy term: disruptive. While both words have different, and often vague, meanings in the heads of many people they are definitely urging businesses to rethink almost every aspect of the products and services they deliver and how they are delivering them.


Stijn Coolbrandt

The true value of Digital Health technology is to improve health and free up time for more personal and humane care.


Health Endeavour is a Belgium-based company founded by Stijn Coolbrandt in 2017. After more than 10 years of experience in Digital Health, both in corporate and startup environment, it was clear that healthcare organisations still struggle to use digital technologies to improve their care processes. While almost everyone believes in the promise of Digital Health, how to fulfil this promise still leaves many healthcare organisations puzzled.

// Which problems really need a digital solution?
// How can we actually save time and avoid digital overhead?
// Should we make or buy solutions and how can we avoid to reinvent the wheel?
// How can we use technology to drive value-based care?

Questions we can help you with at Health Endeavour in order to improve your digital health strategy, by helping you with hands-on support ranging from research to implementation.

We are a Virtual Agency which means that we use the power of a strong network to provide you with the right skills for the challenge at hand.

Are you active in Digital Health and do you want be part of our network?

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